Babua, Bellcum to Bihar

Dinara, district Rohatas, is very a small village on way to Patna, where you cannot find any hotels, hauj or dharamshalas, but you find good people who are ready to help you.
When I found no place to stay, I finally decided to knock on the doors of local police station, and as I entered, all were starting at me, leaving all their work, thus I explained but, without completely listening, they said, haalt karooge ka ( you will stay here) & I said “Yes”.
Showed me chapakal (handpump) to wash hands and provided a table to sleep, even served the dinner.
This was all too surprising and amazingly good gesture phrom “Bihar ka Police”.
Day 1 in Bihar was well spent, and hope I will continue to get this very support from people and police further.

India - west to east on cycle
Jaiselmer to imphal on bicycle


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