A night in Bodoland

Roaming around in the local market, talking to locals, discussing about their problems and other difficulties they face in the area. This was not just a normal interaction, this was looking deep inside and digging the roots of the hidden Indian economy. The political system and is influence, the good and bad, everything was in front of me. As an instance, I could feel things happening in front of me.
This morning I was escorted by 2 young guys for some 15 kilometres on their “Rocket seat” bicycle, while I rode on my ‪#‎Merida‬ comfortably.

I spent my last night in tribe affected sensitive area, BTC (Bodo Territory Centre)
“BODO TRIBE” people who are demanding for a separate state as Bodoland and it’s capital Kokhrajhar, covers the stretch of around 80 kms that starts from Srirampur to Bogaigoan.
But believe me the place seemed to be silent and people so good and loving.
‪#‎respect‬ for the people.
‪#‎RoadToImphal‬ #IncredibleIndia #IncredibleAssam #UnitedIndia #NorthEastIndia #Love4People

India - west to east on cycle
Jaiselmer to Imphal on bicycle

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