Before You Go

Before you go,

I want to say it to you,

I feel you

I love you

Forever in my heart.

You will never be so far again,

I’ll cross the oceans to see you remain

Leaving behind the trails of happiness.


I wake up from the dream,

And search for you in the lane,

Your smell leads me to the place,

Guided by your beautiful voice,

I see a shadow waiting near sea shore,

As I get closer I see your shining face,

You are by my side,

I’m talking to your eyes

I touch you,

You sing a life song,

I Feel you in my life.

You will never be so far again,

the wave of time wash it away

It’s just the memories that remain

Calling for the moment of togetherness.


You are my happiness,

I adore you,

You are my moon in the night sky,

I carry the light of hope.

You say the moment is gone,

It stays forever ,the time flows.

You were like a dream,

I never met you.

You were a sleeping beauty,

And I’m your prince charming.

I kiss you

I wake you up

And we walk together hand in hand.

For the seasons to come,

For life that remains.

You will never be so far again.


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