HAPPINESS is when you ride long unknown roads,
When you try out everything new,
When you know more about your journey,
When you find a purpose,
When you talk to new people,

When you explore a whole new world,
When there is so much to explore,
When you make new friends everyday,
When you become part of families,
When you say a goodbye and promise to meet again,

When you make a move to go further,
When you take a new route,
When you create memories,
When you remember the last day,
When you have made moments to live forever,
When you feel the peace with nature,
When you live the eternal silence,

When everything you do is about you,
When everything you think, is for everyone around you,
When you create, remember, laugh, and live, memories.
HAPPINESS is never about finding reasons.
Happiness is always around you, everything happening around, you never need to find it.
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India- west to east on cycle
Jaiselmer To Imphal on bicycle


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