What made me Run that day?

Today, as I was just sitting and cursing myself for not working out from almost a month. I was lazy after I returned from Imphal completing the journey.

I was searching for something that could again motivate me and thus take me out every morning to catch up with the winds and battle with the cold outside for a better me. I tried all my old traits, like listening up for my motivational songs list, watching a handful of videos, reading a lot of fitness motivation quotes, some of them with world’s top male and FEMALE fitness models, but everything was not enough to push me out of my bed, at least not before 8.30 A.M., every day.

Something special was needed, I was waiting for a miracle to happen.

I was wondering, how I used to cycle for 120 kilometres approximately, every day during the journey, and was never tired and always ready to go for an extra mile.

jaiselmer to imphal on cycle
Road to Imphal

Rice, was the main food, for half the journey, when I was riding from Jaiselmer to Imphal the in the month of November-December and I asked my mom to cook rice and dal for today’s meal, but she ended up with rice and mix veg, and I lost my mind. Finally, after almost 3 months I decided to watch a movie. As soon as I plugged in my hard drive I opened up movies section and then the documentaries. During the time, I remembered running 6 Kilometres in a marathon in my city just a few days back, there I saw a little child running at a great speed, surpassing everyone and his elder brother running to catch him, calling his name, Vansh , Vansh, stop, run slow, but he ran faster and faster. My eyes catch the word marathon on one of the titles, as I read the full name, it was “Kidult Marathon Boy”, I was left with no second option, but to go for this.

run, cycle
Vansh, during 6 km dream run. (Running and cycling and thus, living)

As it started, I realized that I’ve seen the figure being subjected. Soon I figured out, that he was “The MIRACLE Boy”, who ran his first marathon at the age of 3, and then ran 48 marathons by the age of 4, my mind was spinning faster than the millisecond Pulsar (fasted spinning thing in the universe). This child was a gifted one, and he was proving almost all theories wrong, the way he was passing every milestone at such a young age. He was adopted from the slums, by Late Biranchi Das, who used to run an Orphanage and Judo Academy in the state of Orissa, who training him well and made him famous around the globe using all his skills, dedication and hard work. He used to take care of the children there, whom he brought from slums, totally on his own cost.

Under his guidance this boy also made an entry in Limca Book of Records, with the title of “Youngest Marathon Runner”, for which he ran 65 Kilometres in 7 Hours and 2 minutes covering the distance between Puri to Bhubneshwar.

I can’t do it today what he did at the age of 5. I’ll have to go through proper training under supervised guidance for almost a year to do this. The maximum I’ve done is 21 kilometres.

Biranchi was working with this boy to fulfil “2016 Olympic Dream”, a marathoner from India at Olympics, “a dream of which, most people can only dream of”. Everyone was so happy about it, and singing the tune of little boy’s success there were some who were NOT. He suddenly became the talk of every mouth. At a point time, the whole nation was debating over him and his coach, the good and the bad, better or worse, almost every aspect surrounding his life was talked about.

Soon after, there were a few controversies followed, and the boy was banned from running marathons in the state, but Biranchi fought and was moving forward. Then soon some more of them followed, and he was even jailed in allegation to use the boy for fame and money, but people knew he was true at heart, still he kept fighting everyone from top to bottom including politicians, bureaucrats and some high profile people from the state, who could not digest his sudden rise to fame, as the Young Boy’s coach, so they were planning and implementing every odd trick to bring him down and stop him. But he didn’t stop, he was never meant to, after all he was a Judo coach, and the fighter in him tells him never to step back, also he produced some athletes who won Gold medals at National games in Judo.

The ministers, politicians and bureaucrats who once praised and awarded the boy, now started pointing fingers at him and his coach.

The boy’s biological mother, who once sold her son for Rs. 800 to a street salesman, from whom Biranchi rescued and then adopted him, also turned against Biranchi, after probably her ears were filled by people in her community through officials, with news that he was earning a lot of fame and money in the name of her boy, and will not share anything to her.

When nothing worked out, finally one fine day at his Home, Biranchi was SHOT DEAD by the murderers.

They were caught, but then what about the REAL MURDERERS, who was involved and planned the conspiracy. They will never be caught and revealed, because they have Power in their hands.

But, now the time is changing, and in this instance we must realize the POWER we have with us, that we all share, the one which can make or break the country, is to be used now. It’s time to break the boundaries, wake up and work towards a DREAM, “The OLYMPIC Dream”.

We have to stand UNITED for that, and promise ourselves to put sports before politics and fight together against all odds, so no more good coaches like Biranchi, suffer a loss of life.

We are ONE NATION – UNITED INDIA, working to achieve “The OLYMPIC Dream”.

I pay my sincere regards to the pure soul of Biranchi Das the legendary coach who identified amazing talents, one of them being the youngest marathoner in the world, and respect his work and dedication towards the growth of society.

By time you must be thinking, who that boy is??

He is our young forgotten hero, the MIRACLE Boy, the wonder kid “BUDHIA SINGH”, who now study in a private school, on government scholarships. He now trains under his new coach, but have not run a marathon since he practiced last with Biranchi SIR.

And this was that something special out of everything needed, that finally did some miracle and forced me out of my bed and go outside and Run more, cycle more and Explore more.

You won’t find me in my room tomorrow morning as well.

Time to go Running.!!

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