Meet Me

I’m a multi-skilled professional with deep interest in Cycling & Fitness, Travelling and Education.

Travelling is my soul, travelling is all about EXPLORING, yes EXPLORING yourself.

I travelled alone on a bicycle from Jaiselmer, Rajasthan to Imphal, Manipur (west to the eastern borders of India). Through the ride he conveyed the message of National Unity and Integration. Throughout, neglecting all the bad and observing all good, I was meeting new people, crashing at random places, sleeping on roads, trying new things, witnessing different forms of culture. I experienced life and learned while doing things. It was all practical knowledge which can’t be gained in today’s educational curriculum. The journey was called “Road To IMPHAL”.

I also Co-founded, “”, which was a world’s first social network with integrated e-commerce and which pays back its users. It was all about exploring new dimensions of social networking. Later, In 2014, I resigned from the company.

Back in 2012, realizing about my responsibility towards the society, me along with a few friends, founded Eco Paddlers, an NGO, that promote cycling, environment, health, entrepreneurship & sports to create social impact and aim towards social change, especially focusing on school and college youth. Under Eco Paddlers, on September 29 every year, he organizes “Health On Wheels”, a cycle race and rally to promote health and fight against cardiovascular diseases.

I worked with BridgeSmart Education Pvt. Ltd., a start-up,  where I was Head of Public Relations, Marketing and strategic Planning, also BridgeSmart is “World’s First Student Support, Decision Making & Enhancement System”. There he was responsible to design and execute plans to deliver product in maximum number of schools. Develop expansion strategies and maintain relations with Media.
We also conducted Jaipur Sports League (The “Jaipur Olympics”), a flagship event of company to Promote Sports in Mainstream Curriculum of Schools, where 120+ schools and over 10,000 athletes witnessed the biggest sporting extravaganza of the city.

After college, I was lucky to find an opportunity to work as an Intern with Naren Bakshi ji, who himself is a well-known Serial Entrepreneur, Mentor, Angel Investor & Founder of several companies.