Raising my voice against crime on people of North East INDIA.

Defining National UNITY & INTEGRATION.


Riding my way to greener, cleaner, Healthier and Educated India

Road to Imphal is solitary Journey on a bicycle from Western Borders at Jaisalmer, Rajasthan to Eastern Borders at Imphal, Manipur. Covering India Horizontally from west to east on a cycle.

There are 2 aspects of the journey, one of which focuses on exploring the different aspects of human life with a variety of culture, tradition, love, kindness and So called RELEGION. Meeting people and “EXPLORING HAPPINESS” and finally getting lost in the world of my own dreams. Searching for solitude and feeling free to explore and lost at the same time. Probably, finding a female Friend as well.! 😉 aka A Girlfriend.

This part is known as “Meeting with Me”.

The second aspect in a social cause, to make people aware about the what is happening around them and what we need to do to make it better.

Issue I’m raising here focuses on one of the most beautiful part of India, where the natural beauty is breath taking and people are more than good. They are the best people to have around. Yes, im talking about North-East India, also known as 7 sisters. I need to know, why this part of our country remains neglected most of the times, and why we treat our own people in such a depressing manner.

I called this as “Mission Unity”.

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